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Poppy At Home Subscription

You asked for it, and we’re here for it: flowers on repeat. The Poppy subscription is now here.

Lots of friends have told us that because  their normal routines are disrupted, the flowers they normally get from the grocery store every week have gone by the wayside.

In response, we decided to create a subscription to help you re-create your self-care routine & bring beauty into your home on the regular. We’ve intentionally taken a very low margin on this subscription because we fundamentally think it’s important to keep flowers in your home during this bizarro, crazy time. 

$ 200.00 

Over the course of your three-month subscription, you will receive 3 Poppy At Home kits, one each month, along with an easy, printed instructional & care card, and free access to a Poppy video tutorial. By the end of this, you’ll be a pro!

Poppy At Home subscriptions ship 2 times a month.  Your flowers will arrive either at the beginning of the month or mid-month dependent on when you purchase.