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Introducing Farm-to-Mom

April 26, 2020

Under normal circumstances, moms rarely have time for self-care. But in these extraordinary times, self-care time for mom is nearly impossible to find.

This Mother’s Day, you don’t have to send another tired bouquet. Send mom an experience she can really use -- some time to herself, to relax, to create, and to daydream. To brew a pot of Darjeeling and dive into a meditative hour of floral relaxation. 

We’ve partnered with Alaya Tea to offer the Poppy x Alaya Flowers + Tea  Gift Set: an armful of luxury, event quality, and Rainforest Alliance certified flowers, and two floral teas sourced directly from organic, Fairtrade International Certified farms at the base of the Himalayas.

You know that feeling of complete calm you get after spending an hour out in nature? This gift set of luxurious blooms and organic, loose leaf tea sourced directly from the farms lets you bring nature indoors. 

This Mother’s Day, it’s what we’re calling “Farm-to-Mom.” 

Just like Poppy, Alaya is women-founded and operated. Like our flowers, Alaya’s loose leaf tea is sourced from sustainable, ethical farms. And during this crisis, we’re both doing all we can to support our farm partners as they continue operations under myriad pressures: reduced staff, supply chain disruptions, and global economic uncertainty. 

Order your Poppy x Alaya Flowers Tea and Gift Set by Monday, May 4 at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST for guaranteed delivery by Mother’s Day.

Because we source farm-direct, every order you place profits our farm partners directly, and helps them keep their workforce intact. The Poppy team has personally met with many of those workers, and had the honor of hearing the stories of some of those workers, like Gloria below:


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